A simple zero-dependency modular game engine for bootstrapping games.


npm i --save @minininja/engine



Base concept

  1. You create GameObjects + Scripts / Components.

  2. Each GameObject has a Transform property which is either a base Vector3 instance some kind of i.e. pixi.js or three.js object.

  3. Scripts have a many to one relationship with a GameObject.

  4. You append a script's Transform to a GameObject's Transform. Once you call one GameObjects onUpdate it propagates to all its children.

  5. You can reference a Transform's parent GameObject by this.gameObject accessor and GameObject's Transform by this.transform in GameObject context.


Vector3: class

Component: class

Script: Component

Transform: Vector3

  • Recommended read: Transform

  • This is a transform property in a GameObject.

  • This is to be replaced in child class with an instance of any child of PIXI.DisplayObject

GameObject: Component

Scene: GameObject


All constructors eat a JSON with parameters:

name: string

active: boolean

and four optional handlers:

onEnable: function

onDisable: function

onStart: function

onUpdate: function

transform: property (Vector3, source of position you can overwrite with anything)

Notable Mentions

https://www.npmjs.com/package/@minininja/pixijs -> for use of this library with pixi.js

https://prozi.github.io/engine-pixijs/demo/ -> benchmark / demo of the above




Jacek Pietal prozi85@gmail.com